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Jake in 2007 at his fighting weight of 210 lbs….

Street artist, photographer and motion designer, A.L. Crego uses all three talents to create GIF’s with messages surrounding our dependence on topics like consumerism...

Even after the mass arrests in Switzerland for corruption and head honcho and real-life Supervillain Sepp Blatter resigning in shame, things actually got worse...

From the files of “so weird it must be true” comes the town of Coober Pedy. One of the worlds best sources for Opals,...

Horror movies today seem to focus more on their shock and gore factor, rather than focusing on the quality of the film. With that...

Plastic Cell is a group of brothers that are providing collectors with premium, high-quality limited run and one off sculptures. Every part of the...

Obvious Plant, the prank chronicling tumblr from Jeff Wysaski. Jeff takes his immense talent for funny and spreads it around town. In this case,...

Say hello to our very own Social Media guru Davey Ballgame HERE


Are you Iron Man? Do you need to fight a Hulk? Is said Hulk incredible? Well James Bruton has you covered!

They planted the rice in back in June and the picture has finally fully grown in.

Grab your favorite prints at 1XRUN from their latest “Sea Walls” release.

We are about one quarter of the way through 2015 and a lot of really cool stuff has already been discovered. Here are some...

Buff Diss is a street artist out of Melbourne that has taken street art to a new level. Instead of using paint, Buff uses...

This might just be the most honest tombstone ever.
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