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Ever wondered how they filmed this back in 1976? Here are a few behind the scenes snaps to help explain.


A barber in Melbourne, Australia is giving hope to the homeless through haircuts. Nasir Sobhani, who refers to himself as ‘the street barber,’ has...


In Fairbanks, Alaska residents are venturing outside with caution as live lampreys are falling from the sky according to the Alaska Department of Fish...

Artist Romulo Celdran decided that he wanted to take a long, hard look at the objects that we use every day. He was amazed...

Instagram-er @thingsifoundinrecords collects the strangest things both he and other people have found inside their vinyls.

Tucked on the Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest, you’ll find one of the best communities on the planet.

Although Tyler Perry just listed his palatial Atlanta mansion for $25 million, there is no need to cry for him as he still has...

Gizmodo staff writer Ashely Feinberg is here to show you the top 10 ways to get extra creepy on Facebook. As Ashely puts it,...

Did you know there is an International Federation of American Football? The IFAF World Championship which occurs every 4 years is going on right...

Sometimes movie studios get cold feet going with the original book titles on their big-budget films, so they pull an audible in order to...
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