1. Your mom probably got stabbed trying to buy you a dumb Furby for Christmas

2. It took longer to download the poster of a movie than it did to actually watch the movie

3. Cell phones weighed more than newborn babies

4. We refused to stop watching Pauly Shore movies

5. There was no texting so you’d accidentally answer killer’s phone calls all the time.

6. You weren’t cool unless you always looked like you were hiding a butter churner in the legs of your jeans.

7. You didn’t decide what you were watching this weekend; Blockbuster Video decided what you were going to watch.

8. You didn’t have a GPS, so if you got lost and didn’t have a map, you just had to start a new life wherever you ended up.

9. Will Smith insisted on making an idiotic song to go along with every movie he made. 

10. You constantly felt like Jack Bauer racing against the clock to get everything done online before your AOL hours ran out.

11. You accidentally saw the ending of The Sixth Sense because when you popped in the VHS tape, your idiot uncle had forgotten to rewind it.

12. Someone scratched your Korn CD and since there weren’t digital backup copies you had to either skip track 8 forever or go to Sam Goody and spend $22 on another copy.

13. Soda companies kept trying to see who could make money off the most disgusting beverage.

14. If you missed an episode of your favorite show, there was no Hulu or DVR, so you had to wait and hope there was a rerun in the summer or have your cousin explain everything that happened to you over the phone.

15. This was a hit song, for some reason.

16. Oh, and we also thought computers were going to come to life and murder us on New Years.T