The Aussie government and their foreign ministers abroad are stationed in order to represent their country abroad as well as help out their citizens travelling across the globe. However, those citizens have been known to abuse that system by asking their ambassadors for hilariously unreasonable things. To illustrate their need for a new system, the embassies have released a docket of all the absolutely bonkers requests they’ve heard, for which the answer was most decidedly no.

“Loan me money to pay this Bangkokian sex worker.”

“Feed my dog while I’m away.”

“Come to the hotel and pack my bag for me.”

“Give me the best way to get a ferret out of my attic.”

“Tell me what the food on my cruise will be like.”

“Tell me what hotels to stay in while I’m in Thailand.”

“Tell me if the sand in Egypt will aggravate my asthma.”