Singapore Airlines
They have excellent service and haven’t been involved in an accident in 15 years.

Scandinavian innovation and efficiency is clear on this airline that hasn’t had a serious incident since the 1960’s.

British Airlines
The biggest airline suffered a fatal crash two years after it’s formation in 1976, but that was the last one they allowed.

Cathay Pacific
The airline not only has some of the best business class seats in the business, but one of the best records in the industry.

Emirates Airlines
It’s become one of the biggest European airlines, which makes it impressive that they’ve kept an almost perfect safety record in its 30 years of existence.

The similar airline has been around for only 10 years, but doesn’t have a single incident on its record at this time.

The airline only takes long flights, and hasn’t had a major accident on any of them since it was founded in 1988.

Another long-haul company, the German airline last suffered a fatal accident in 1993, but has been in operation since 1953.

The safest airline is this Australian champion. It’s been in operation for a crazy 93 years, but hasn’t suffered a fatal crash since 1951.