This is the most perfect butt ever witnessed by anyone. Ever.

That sand is sticking to all the right places.

They must work out together. Bodies like that don’t just happen on accident.

This is probably the only time it has ever been hot to see a girl scratching her butt.

Men have always had a hunch that this is what women did at sleepover parties. Next on the agenda after the “Best Ass” contest: pillow fighting, kissing practice, and tickling, right?

If a girl ever looks at you like while wearing such an outfit, don’t be surprised if you temporarily forget your own name. Better try and think of something quick though.

Love her attitude, spirit, and tattoo placement. This chick is obviously proud of her body – and with good cause!

  • Heinrich D. Bag

    If a girl doesn’t have a thigh gap then she is a fire hazard if she wears corduroy pants. Do it for the children.