Would people watch disney if it were so explicit? Probably not

Peter Pan was always a little fishy, after all who doesn’t want to grow up and settle down at some point? He and Michael Jackson would have gotten along very well.

Is this a Princess or Paris? Doesn’t look like a Hilton to us, but then again the lack of underwear would say otherwise.

Little Red Riding Hood, so paranoid. Can a wolf take a dump in his woods without being interrupted by some peeping little girl?

Ariel the mermaid meets Arial the font, in all of her glorious beings. Ariel Bold, what a hottie!

Sure, Minnie could be wearing a push up bra, but there is no denying something is off with her dress.

Spring Breakers may not have technically been a Disney production, but with alums Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens acting in irresponsible and reckless ways, it definitely had an adult film vibe and two former Disney stars.