Not everyone is sexually compatible, so when you find someone who shares your sexual interests, it’s something to keep in mind. He’s right there with you. He shares your idea of romance and makes sure it happens for you both, regardless of how silly it may sound to someone else.

One thing you’ve probably already realized is that you don’t have to fake anything around him. It doesn’t matter if you’re at a good place in life or at your lowest point. The fact is, he knows who you truly are and doesn’t expect you to be anything else. You could have quite a few bad traits you’re still trying to improve, but he’ll still think the sun shines out of your… well, you get it.

A lot of couples who’ve had a long, happy marriage will tell you; what is their partner’s happiness is their happiness. True love doesn’t get jealous for the other succeeding or deem it as insignificant. If you truly love each other, you are genuinely happy about the things that make your partner happy and he’s genuinely happy about the things that please you too.

You could have had the best day in the world, but it just doesn’t feel complete if you haven’t shared some of it with him. You could have been thought the absolute worst day you’ve had in recent memory, and even with a million things running through your head, all you want is him.

Have you ever seen those couples where one person is way better looking than the other and yet, they’re both just as into each other? It doesn’t matter who finds either of you attractive, what matters is that you’re so into each other. You mutually find each other physically, mentally and spiritually attractive!

Of course you’re already sharing life with him, but when he’s “the one” you will want to share everything with him. You want to have experiences with him, you want to plan your future with him, when you picture your life five years down the road, it’s him by your side.

Love is not selfish. A truly loving relationship is not one-sided for either party and neither of you are simply focused on getting your own way. Instead of fighting all the time about the dumbest things, you learn to work together to make both parties happy.

You want a guy who listens to you, but you want him to also actually HEAR what you’re saying. This is the guy who has truly taken note of the things you’re saying and learned all about what you like, dislike and feel about any given situation.

It is so important that you’re with a guy who loves you for who you are. True love is without condition, so even if you feel like you’re too talkative, not talented enough or aren’t the exact dress size you want to be, he doesn’t care and he loves you for you.

Not only does he love you for you, he tells his loved ones about you. You are the person he is proud to be in a relationship with and he wants to make sure all of the other important people in his life know about it.