Alabama: Ave Maria Grotto

Located in Cullman, Alabama, the Ave Maria Grotto is what you get when you take a monk, a lot of scraps and odds-and-ends, and give him 50 years of crushing boredom. Featuring scale models of everything from the Tower of Babel to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Ave Maria Grotto is as impressive as it is bizarre.

Via Distractify

Delaware: Miles the Monster

At the entrance to the Dover International Speedway Delaware looms Miles the Monster, like a giant rock golem or cement Hulk. They’re pretty proud of the 46 foot tall behemoth, featuring his likeness on the trophy for victory on the track, on the tickets to the track, and on all of the racing paraphernalia at the track. The beast gets his name from the Speedway’s nickname “The Monster Mile.”

South Carolina: South of the Border

On I-95, the aptly named “South of the Border” rest stop and Mexican-themed attraction in Dillon,SC is just south of the border between South Carolina and North Carolina. It comes complete with restaurants, amusement park “sombrero tower,” and its official mascot is “Pedro the Bandido.”

Vermont: Gorilla Holding up a Bug

Another of Time’s top 50 American Roadside Attractions, this pretty much showcases the American attitude of “If we can do it, we will…because, why not?”